Devil's Concubines- Coming soon

In todays new age world of technology can one really still be connected to nature?

Are witches all the evil?

Are all witches women?

Or are they strong independent people who have their own voices and ways of obtaining what they want?

In this range we will mix the traditional with modern, mix the elements with cloth and bring you hellish clothing. Harpi presents you The Devil’s Concubines.

There are five drops in this range- Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit to represent the elements.

The various drops will combine an element and its colour with black. Texture will be mixed within the garments for the elements- the more see through garments will be for air, denser garments for earth, fluid garments for water and strong lines for fire.

While each element will have its own drop, they can be mixed and matched. All garments can be worn by anyone of any sexual identity, because who is anybody to tell you what you can wear. Harpi custom make all their garments so we carter for any size bodies.

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