About Us:

Harpi's design philosophy is everyone is beautiful.
Everyone deserves to portray their personality how they want.
Dress up in clothing that shows them off.
Providing unique clothing that doesn't follow trends and doesn't adhere to what society's ideals of what sexy or beautiful is. A label that provides clothing for the fashion leader.
Taking inspiration from historical concepts, art, music, and movies. Mixing themes together to see what comes about, like Tim Burton and Lady Gaga for example.
Predominately uses black but with highlights of colour and uses embellishments like studs, spikes, feathers, skulls and what ever takes her fancy at the time.
Loves sleeves- the bigger the better. Big, draped, leg of mutton or lantern sleeves all evoke passion for the designer.
We are a slow clothing fashion house and only produce two ranges per year.
Harpi is also being sustainable in subtle ways, sourcing from Australian Wholesalers to lower the carbon footprint, manufacturing on shore employing local workers and making sure the fabric is of the highest quality, hence lessening the need for more buying. Harpi is also committed to being sustainable by using less fabrics in the manufacturing process by reducing wastage, using only 5 fabrics per collection and making sure our pre-production process is waste controlled.