Questions and Answers

When will I receive my order?

It depends on when you ordered it- when the pre-sale was on or not. In a pre-sale the garments are made as the orders come in or when we close the sale period and all the garments are made at once. So you could be waiting up to 6 weeks for your garment. We love our customers and want to give them quality garments, so we take our upmost care with them when making, this means we are not fast fashion. 
If you didn't order when the pre-sale was on or you ordered a custom made garment it could be up to 4 weeks till you receive your order. We still take the upmost care with your garment, it just means that it was either in stock or we aren't inundated with orders. 

Why do you have such a large size range?

At Harpi we believe in size inclusivity. Which means we don't want any one left out and we want to include every body. We can't say we love every body and then not provide for either a size 6 or a size 30. Every BODY is beautiful and should have the chance to wear what ever they want. 

How do you custom make?

We custom make because we are Australian designed and made. Your garment is made by someone at Harpi. We make all the patterns, source all the fabric from local wholesalers and cut and sew here in Brisbane, Australia. As long as you provide us with the right measurements we can make a garment to fit your body. When you tick the custom make box on a garment we will email you to ask for your measurements. And don't worry all customer information is held in strict confidence and never given to any third party. 
We can also change fabric or designs from the range, for example if you like a skirt and want it in the Sateen instead of the lace we can custom make the skirt for you. Or if you like the top of one dress and want the skirt off another or want the wide legged pant on a playsuit instead of the pant/skirt we can do that too. What ever design lines are in the range can be swapped with other design lines in the same range. 

I don't know how to take my measurements?

That is perfectly fine if you don't know how to measure your body. When we receive your order we will email you and ask for the measurements we need and send a diagram of how to take them. 

What if I want to change the fabric on a garment?

That is fine, just email us first to see if the garment you love can be changed. There maybe a price rise as we need to custom make the garment in that fabric and certain fabrics have different prices per metre. You will still get a high quality garment from Harpi though.  Just email us at 

What if I love a top on a playsuit but want to change the pant type?

That's cool too. We love making clothing that our customers want to wear and we love individuality. So if you want a pant/skirt on your playsuit or dress or not we can arrange that for you. All you have to do is email us at 

Why are your prices so high?

Harpi is implementing sustainable systems by lowering pre-production wastage by using less paper, less fabric for toiling and CAD systems for tech packs and design development. During production, fabrics are sourced from wholesale suppliers in Australia reducing the carbon footprint. Harpi only produce two ranges a year and in minimums quantities being a slow fashion house. Our garments are also high quality in the materials we source and the process we use to sew them together. All garments are made in Australia by ethical manufactures paying their workers above wage.
The in season range can be worn with next season ranges and last seasons. This means that if you want to only buy one garment this time it will still match back into your wardrobe with the other garments you have bought from Harpi , lowering the need to buy heaps of clothing every week.  Our seasons last for a few months giving you the chance to buy a new garment every week, if you feel the need to have something new (as some of us do) or t save up for that piece that you want. 
Just know that the piece you are buying from Harpi is helping a local business, is bringing about change in the fashion industry on many levels and is an investment into you. Buying a garment that will last for a long time not for one wear, will be better for your hip pocket and for the environment. 

Any questions we missed?

If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to contact us at or .